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In the past I have tried blogging, but I have never been consistent on it, but with everything thats gone on the last year, I want to try it again to share my thoughts about anything. Some days it will be something I read in my devos, maybe it will be something that I thought of that day, maybe it will be something I need to vent about, or maybe it will be about sports, or some random thing to make people laugh.

 Today I am going to share something that came into my head today. This evening I went golfing (it was a nice warm 38 degrees here in Munising, perfect golf weather.. No seriously, there was no bugs, and I was the only person on the course, cant beat that. Anyways, it was my first game of the year, and I have some really bad habits in golf, just like most people who golf. I tend to overswing, that is my biggest problem. I think its from my lifelong love of baseball. Even when I was done with little league, I would play, and still do play, wiffle ball whenever I can. In baseball you swing the bat as hard as you can because you want to hit the ball far. Home runs are what people love, normal baseball fans dont get excited about a bloop single in the 2nd inning with no base runners on.
  Anyways, in high school someone gave me this advice in golf, let the club do the work, just do a nice calm swing. After the first hole, and halfway through the second that thought popped in my head, and i stopped trying to hit the ball hard, and I just did a nice calm swing, I let the club do the work.
  I started thinking about this as it applies to life, because sometimes I actually do have deep thoughts. Right now I am working at the store. I love my coworkers, and the work isnt bad, its a good job, but its not where I want to be. I want to have a "real" job, I want to be able to afford my own place, I want to be on my own, but thats not the case. Thats not where God has me right now. I am the type of person that grabs the driver and swings as hard as I can and I almost always slice the ball, and it doesnt go well, and alot of times in life its that way too. I had it all figured out, I would go to Timber Products, and work there and try to get into the paper mill. I got hired, but the doctors didnt clear me with the physical. That was because I was doing things my way. There is another example in my relationship life that I did the same thing with. I did things my way, not God's way, I forced things to happen, but God closed that door on me, and said no, this isnt it.

The way I started thinking about just swing the club and let the club do the work was 1 Corinthians 12. We are the body of Christ. Not everyone is the head, not everyone is the arm, someone has to be the little pinky toe. But every part is important. In golf, I try to do more than I can with my skill set and the club I chose, and we can be like that in life. We are called to do something, but we feel like our skills can get us to do something else, but God has us in a place for a reason. So yeah, right now it sucks that im still at the store, but its where God has me, and I am supposed to do my job for eternity there right now. Maybe God will move me somewhere else (I hope it happens) but until then, I have to swing the club smoothly, and let the club do the work, not try to overdo it.


  1. It is a hard lesson to learn, and even after learning, you realize you will have this lesson to learn over and over and over again. Good job getting through it the first time!


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