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first post

In the past I have tried blogging, but I have never been consistent on it, but with everything thats gone on the last year, I want to try it again to share my thoughts about anything. Some days it will be something I read in my devos, maybe it will be something that I thought of that day, maybe it will be something I need to vent about, or maybe it will be about sports, or some random thing to make people laugh.

 Today I am going to share something that came into my head today. This evening I went golfing (it was a nice warm 38 degrees here in Munising, perfect golf weather.. No seriously, there was no bugs, and I was the only person on the course, cant beat that. Anyways, it was my first game of the year, and I have some really bad habits in golf, just like most people who golf. I tend to overswing, that is my biggest problem. I think its from my lifelong love of baseball. Even when I was done with little league, I would play, and still do play, wiffle ball whenever I can. In baseball…

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